Hello there, I’m Alex!

This blog documents my journey as I strive to become, what I call, a Digital Daredevil. A Digital Daredevil takes risks in order to achieve results and create change. They are experimental and collaborate for maximum perspective. By feeding into curiosity and keeping an open mind, anyone can become one if they put in the work. Tag along with me as I delve into Masters studies to become a more well-rounded Daredevil.

A Little Bit About Me

I am an M.S. candidate in Quinnipiac University’s Interactive Media and Communications program, focusing on UX Design. With my masters, I hope to enhance user journeys and emphasize the importance of human-centered design to the pharma industry. My undergraduate experience at TCNJ gave me a strong foundation in graphic design and marketing, which has allowed me to work for some outstanding companies. Check out my portfolio!

Currently, I am the Digital Content Specialist on Merck Animal Health’s Global Communications team. My role focuses on social media content creation and strategy, leading global design and social media initiatives, and overseeing the company’s rebranding. Through design, I strive to create strong solutions that connect with the audience. As a person, I describe myself as a life-long learner, an animal lover, and a Food Network binger. I look for opportunities that will broaden my horizons in order to become a better designer and person. A new experience is a good experience!
“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity.
Great design is born of those two things.” 
– Lindon Leader