Hello there, I’m Alex!

This blog documents my journey to become what I call a Digital Daredevil. A Digital Daredevil takes risks to achieve results and create change. Experimental in nature, they collaborate for maximum perspective. Join me as I delve into graduate studies to become a better Devil.

A Little Bit About Me

I’m excited by design and its applications within corporate environments. Creating and sharing authentic visual stories through social media is one of my true passions – and I’m lucky to do it for a living.

After earning a BFA in Graphic Design and Marketing from The College of New Jersey, I started working at Merck, a pharmaceutical leader, in their Animal Health division. My role as Digital Content Specialist on the Global Communications team focuses on corporate branding, digital connections, and social media content creation and strategy. I try to learn something new every day – so don’t be alarmed if I ask a question or two! (Or five.)

Outside of work, you can find me practicing various arts not limited to design. I am an avid cook, makeup arts enthusiast, casual pianist, and budding equestrian. 

Every new challenge allows me to keep crafting my professional identity. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science at Quinnipiac University in their Interactive Media and Communications program and will be graduating this spring.

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity.
Great design is born of those two things.” 
– Lindon Leader