When you go to the store, a bunch of flashy packaging and labels jump out from the shelves in unison. One box shows an enticing picture of the food inside. Another product has a big red “new” on it. A bottom shelf contains a package in an interesting shape. With all of this information blasting, how can you possibly pick an item to put in your cart and take home?

If you’re like me, you’ll go for what you’re familiar with first. Here, brand plays an extremely important part of decisionmaking. I’d much rather go for Oreos rather than the generic “creme-filled sandwich cookies.” Most would buy classic Cheerios over something called “oatey-o’s.” Why is that?

Purchasing something with a recognizable or popular brand ensures quality. When you buy a pair of Nike shoes, you know exactly what you are getting in both the product and experience. Recently, the concept of brand has extended into how people market themselves. A personal brand, like the logos and packaging shapes of products on the supermarket shelves, gives the shopper an idea of what they are buying into.

When looking for a job, having a personal brand is crucial. It’s your opportunity to declare what you’re passionate about and showcase your unique qualifications. To start building your personal brand, create a brief statement that encompasses your skills and how you intend to provide value. Let’s dissect my personal brand as an example.

My Personal Branding Statement

I am a Digital Daredevil utilizing the powers of storytelling, social media, and design, to create compelling content that fosters authentic connections for a thriving business.

Why This Summarizes Me

When I started my journey at Quinnipiac University, I thought that my master’s blog (this blog!) needed a zingy name. Wanting something that encompassed my background and “anything goes” attitude, my identity as the Digital Daredevil was born. Its alliteration is easily understood and remembered. This title has now been a part of my personal brand for nearly two years.

Within my current role, I wear many hats. I’m a designer, a storyteller, a digital strategist, branding authority, and content creator. Every day, I work with people across the globe to create social media communications for a variety of audiences. From pet-loving consumers to government officials, my job is to make sure each person interacting with our content understands who we are and why we are an authority in our space. This concise branding statement demonstrates my various skills and strengths without diving too deep into my daily task list or job description.

How would you describe your personal brand? Tell me in the comments below.


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