To enhance my understanding of content, I conducted a miniature content analysis on an up-and-coming wealth advisory business, EmberHouse. Out of the many websites featured on Awwwards, this one caught my eye because it was unique. During my undergraduate studies, in my Identity class, I had to design a company’s brand off of a fictitious brief. Unluckily for me, I got a wealth advisory/management business to design for. To execute this project, I did a lot of research into the area and saw how many financial and wealth organizations executed their appearance and content. From my perspective, the industry seemed to favor fairly basic and bland (e.i. typically corporate), making it dull to look at and difficult to relate to. This is where EmberHouse makes their departure.

The EmberHouse brand and values are channeled flawlessly through the design of its website and founder, Lisa Dieter, did an absolutely great job at communicating their Ignite strategy through written content and user experience. Perhaps it is the feminine touch and perspective that makes EmberHouse so exciting to me as a firm, but one cannot deny that the website is simplistically beautiful and functionally a delight. I invite you to click around through their site to experience their difference.

In my content analysis, I broke down some key features of their website and used Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider tool to take a look at the back-end of things including metadata and title tags. Interested in what I found?

Download my EmberHouse Content Analysis here!

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