This week, I’m tasked to write an email to a prospective client who is reaching out to me with the interest of expanding her online consulting business. She would like to explore using social media and email marketing in order to obtain a larger following, but is very hesitant to do so because of privacy concerns. In the below email, I suggest some methods to keep her information safe and that email and social media marketing is necessary for someone who wants to ensure a thriving online business.

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for reaching out to Digital Daredevil. We are excited to work with you and your business to help you grow with email and social media marketing efforts. After our meeting, I understand that privacy is of the utmost concern for you. While the online marketing sphere does require the relinquishment of basic personal information, there are methods we can employ to make sure that you are protected and comfortable. Should you move to move forward in the process, here are some of the aspects we will address:

  • Personal information privacy
  • Spam email and fake users
  • Targeted social media posts
  • Safe app usage
  • Trademarks and appropriate branding

The first step we shall take is creating business contact information and accounts across your desired social media channels. You have identified these as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. With these secure business accounts, people interested in your services can go directly to the page and use the contact information there. We also recommend the usage of “work” phones and computers. By not “cross-contaminating” your personal phone with work information, and vice versa, you are taking an extra step to protect yourself. These new business accounts will be secured with a strong password and will connect to your email.

To further protect your work and help your audience to identify your brand, we recommend trademarking “Nancy Fake Online Consulting.” This will allow you to feel more comfortable when using your name professionally. Here is a resource where you can read about the process and protocols. On any digital communication, whether it be social media, email, or even on a third party website in an ad, we recommend that you brand all of your creative. This means applying your logo and brand colors/style so that it is clear who you are. We also recommend securing original imagery, as stock imagery is overplayed and does not convey your unique approach and personality.

Developing and distributing content to your audience is the highest priority. To increase your social media following, we will employ a follower campaign to grow an interested fan base. Then, we shall pulse out always-on ads that will be targeted towards that audience and other potential clients. In order to be successful, we recommend a 3-month follower campaign and 2-month testing period for the always-on ads. For email communications, we will make sure to provide the most value with a keen strategy and the ability for our audience to opt-in and out at their convenience. This practice, although it might seem counterintuitive, helps to imbue trust, loyalty, and better penetration into your desired clientele market, while also reducing the number of fake users and bots following your accounts.

Finally, we will do everything we can to promote safe app and website usage. Turning off the location function on mobile apps provides you with the peace of mind that you are not being tracked via your phone’s GPS. Reading the privacy policy and terms of use of any application or website you might consider using is the #1 way you can be sure information is not being lifted from your accounts.

Digital Daredevil’s services extend beyond your business’s account set-up. Proper management and monitoring is also a key way to protect Nancy Fake Online Consulting’s online presence. Our agency offers a comprehensive package for all business sizes and needs. Please refer to our website for more or feel free to email me or your account representative directly.

We encourage you to reach out with additional questions and concerns. It was a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to helping you meet and exceed your goals.




  1. Hi Alex,

    Very smart turning an email into a blog post. Love the creativity.
    Judging from what I read, the client is in very good hands.



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