It’s no secret that the beauty industry thrives on social media. Many of the premier makeup and skincare brands have built empires – millions of followers, a horde of influencers, and a brand presence that conveys exactly their standpoint on aesthetics. While the beauty industry has been rather concerned about products that go on one’s face, the nail industry has been booming as well. Influencers like SimplyNailogical, cutepolish, and Nail Career Education have made nail polish exciting again in the past couple of years. Because of the hype from these online influencers, consumers – especially young girls – began to take an interest again with nail polish. This was great for the industry, but for the brands themselves, they needed to make focusing on social media a priority.

essie, a well-known American nail polish brand, has been fighting to keep itself at the forefront of consumers’ minds. While accessible all over the country, indie polish brands have been snapping up fans left and right. To make themselves appealing again, their social media approach had to be deliberate and frequent. Fans of the essie products were quick to follow the brand on their diverse channels however, that doesn’t make a for a successful social media presence.

Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.
– Prabal Gurung

While essie does a lot of good on their channels, there is definitely a ways to go in terms of content presentation, diversity, and integrating shopping features into their posts. When compared to their competitors, essie still maintains a huge dominance in the market and in the social space, however, brands like OPI are going above and beyond sharing content and are instead creating a very specific aesthetic and experience.

Interested in what I found after examining essie’s channels for a week? Read my essie social media audit here.


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