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This past week, I took a look at the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) in order to develop a strategic framework for their content that took into account their business goals, audiences, and current external-facing content. To ascertain a better understanding of what the RBGE’s goals were, I referenced this evaluation conducted by Bernard Marr. As the RBGE rolls up into the Scottish Government’s purview, the organization was tasked to promote 3 business goals:

1. Raising public awareness about the environment through education, particularly to youths

2. Demonstrating and promoting the importance of environmental sustainability and biodiversity

3. Contributing to the Scottish economy through revenue from tourism and local events

Within my strategic content framework, I identified content objectives, created KPIs, offered areas of improvement, and audited current content to see how well the organization was adhering to its guidelines. At the end of my journey, I found that the RBGE had buckets of content to choose from, but they hung in limbo due to poor execution on social media and navigational issues on the website.

To solve these issues I recommended user testing, persona creation, and adhering to content best practices in order to streamline their online presence.

Want to read the entirety of my report? Download my RBGE Content Analysis!

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