Capture, Understand, Present…REPEAT.

Imagine you’re a social media professional. Your daily routine involves monitoring all of your company’s social pages, creating and scheduling content for the upcoming week, and making sure that your work is providing value to the business. The work is fast and furious; your stakeholders want content featured when they want it, on their terms – which usually translates to “do the hard work for us.” In a “perfect” world that might be possible, but as stewards of the company’s persona and online reputation, we – the social media professionals – need to know how to make everyone happy while still delivering upon our key objectives and task lists.

The City of Calabasas’ Content Strategy

Recently, the City of Calabasas, California released a Request for Proposals in an effort to get started with their website redesign project. While the City’s intentions are good, they made no indication of prioritizing a content strategy that would help them to keep pushing out useful, organized information out to the public.

Botany, KPIs, & Content

Want to know what these three things have in common? Keep reading!

This past week, I took a look at the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) in order to develop a strategic framework for their content that took into account their business goals, audiences, and current external-facing content. To ascertain a better understanding of what the RBGE’s goals were, I referenced this evaluation conducted by Bernard Marr. As the RBGE rolls up into the Scottish Government’s purview, the organization was tasked to promote 3 business goals: